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Founded in 1951, GB Barberi has operated for more than 70 years in the aviation sector and in the outfitting of special vehicles. From conception to final trial stage, GB proposes custom-made designs, carefully over-seeing every stage of the realisation of both one-off items as well as large series. It is through the continuous investment in research and development, the collaboration with the most important manufacturers of helicopters, the collaboration with the armed forces and civilian operators, that guarantees GB can assure the most advanced know-how of the sector and the continuing improvement of the products and the services it offers.

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We engineering and manufacture Ground Support Equipment (AGE-GSE) for civil and military aircraft. We provide everything necessary to keep helicopters and aircraft in perfect efficiency.

Special Vehicles

We design and equip special vehicles and mobile laboratories for civil and military purpose with special equipment to offer customized products according to client specific needs.


The entire production process is carried out in-house in accordance with international standards

Quality 9001, Quality 9100, Environment 14001, Safety 45001 and Military NATO AQAP-2310

Engineering R&D



Assembly and Production

Final testing and Quality control

Packing and shipping

This organisation guarantees a complete overview of every steps of production.

As well as providing standard products for helicopters and aircraft industry, our main capability is to design customer-specific solutions upon request.